Finally, the Photo sections gets updated - I added more than 60 pictures from my trips. Enjoy!


After almost a year of a zombie state of my pages, I finally reserved the time to pour some work into them again. I PHP-ized all pages and plan to release photo albums and some stuff about me soon (no warranty, of course :). I have also plans to update Psion pages a lot.


I found a small bug in the Z80 file loading part of the ZXemul. Due to this bug, the ZXemul will refuse to load any of version 3.0 Z80 files. I will fix the bug in the upcoming ZXemul version. Till that, please convert the version 3.0 files to the lower version, or convert them to SNA, pause ZXemul, load them and save immediately into Z80 format.


Well, here it is. I finally (after more than 2 months of the delay) released the 1.0 version of ZXemul. There are small changes since 0.99 reflecting the beta testing results and correcting a few found bugs. For download, go to the ZXemul page.


ZXemul beta version 0.99 was finished and sent to beta testers for evalution and testing. The final 1.0 version is almost done, too. I apologize for the delay.


Finally, I reserved some time and update the information a bit. I had to increase the pages width to be able to fit the new ZXemul screenshots.


Added initial info about (still not released) ZXemul - ZX Spectrum emulator for Psion 3mx into the Psion page. Main page updated to contain a provisional logo.


My own freeware programs are now available for download in Programming section. Psion page was updated a bit.


What's new? Well, everything (and nothing). Initial release of this site. All sections are still almost empty now. I've got a pretty good idea about the contents, but there's not enough time to fill it up. Netscape 4.XX browsers sucks.