Windows freeware

I placed here my own freeware programs. These are only simple utilities, but someone may find them useful.


Logger is small or rather minimal application used for logging number of keyboard keys and mouse clicks done during the day in Windows. When run, it silently monitors all keyboard and mouse input in all applications and stores the number of key presses and mouse clicks. When a mouse is pointed on its "L" icon in the tray, a tooltip window will show current statistics.

A great tool to see where that pain in your wrists come from!

Download Logger (20kB zip)


ClipCrypt is small utility which encrypts/decrypts text contents of the Windows clipboard. Crypting is symmetric - the same password applied twice will reveal the original text. The most interesting feature of ClipCrypt is that it crypts only 7-bit printable characters (from space (ASCII code 32) to  (ASCII code 127)), thus the result crypted text can be easily placed into editor, sent via e-mail, etc.

I used this a lot to crypt my e-mail correspondence with the places where using more advanced PGP-like encryption methods was unavailable.

Download ClipCrypt (11kB zip)