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Psion 3mx

ZXemul - ZX Spectrum emulator

ZXemul logoWriting a reasonable fast ZX Spectrum emulator running on Psion 3mx is my the most ambitious project. The emulator is now finished, running at 70-110% speed of the original ZX Spectrum on the Psion 3mx. Click on the icon for details.

ZXemul just after the "boot"

Improved chess font

Some time ago, Johan Van Barel wrote a chess program for Psion, which is still the only one shareware chess program available. As I am a very poor chess player, I can't comment on its gameplay strength, but I found the chess pieces a bit "too modern" (ugly) for me. So I decided to replace them. Because the program uses special chess pieces font, it was easy to do it. Here is the result:

Original "modern" chess pieces New "classic" chess pieces

Download chess font (1kB zip)

You may also need the original Psion Chess v1.2 package.